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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Free Tutorials

Just a reminder to everyone.

Donations are always welcome, and really appreciated.

I have had free patterns downloaded over 7,000 times.  If some of you just donated a small amount for each free pattern, it would be really helpful.

Donations are very easy to do through Paypal, and you don't even have to sign up.

Cyclone Swirl

Blocking and stiffening crochet

Crochet Baby Crocs  -  Updated and Improved

How to wear an ear cuff
How to wear an ear cuff photo for-animation-1.gif

Start at the top of the ear where the ear is thinner. Slide the cuff downwards over the cartilage, while turning it towards the front.

The cuff will sit from the outside of the ear, and over both sections of cartilage on the middle part of your ear.

Squeeze the ring section slightly, if necessary to get a snug fit.  This is only necessary before the first use.

Herringbone Rope

Basic Jewellery Making
Information for beginners can be found here

Different pattern type instructions

We love 3D <br>beading

More Tutorials

Victorian Beaded Flower

Filled in heart

3 tier beaded flower

Netted star

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