Monday, March 2, 2009

Beaded Spirals

I've made so many different types of beaded spirals, and I've now discovered a new one! This new spiral is called the "Flat Spiral". I'll be making it soon.

The ones I've already made are: "Dutch Spiral", "Spiral Netting", "Aussie Spiral", "Russian Spiral" and "Double Spiral Rope". A couple I meant to do at some stage but never got around to doing were: "Triple Spiral Rope", "African Helix" and the "Cellini Spiral". I'll get around to them all at some stage, but I'm always finding other beading projects to do. Currently I'm making my second 3D beaded teddy bear from, and I'm alternating that with my first "Zulu" Beaded Bracelet. It's not often I make more than one of each item, but I loved the teddy bear so much, I just had to keep one for myself.

You can see all my work on my web site Craft Cove

So next on my list will be the "flat spiral".

double spiral beading
Aussie spiral
Here are the images of the spirals I've done -

netted spiral
Dutch spiral
Russian spiral

More spirals found here:


  1. Hi Jenny,
    I like your spiral beaded necklaces. In fact I just finished one myself: the sprial with the bugle beads. I'm wondering where you found the tutorial for a flat spiral: I've been looking on the internet for quite some time now, but can't find any. I would appreciate it if you could help me out

  2. I'm sorry I don't remember properly, but I do remember it was a video, hope that helps.

  3. Thank you for sharing. I too have "re-invented" the Russian Spiral to suit myself - it is a fascinating hobby, and sells well.
    Janine Russouw, Paarl, South Africa


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