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60cm fishing line.
32 x 3mm (size 8/0) pink seed beads
36 x 3mm (size 8/0) blue seed beads

Techniques: Beadweaving, right angle weave

Difficulty: Medium


Start at circle A, thread on 1 blue and 2 pink beads, crossover threads at bead 3. Continue circles B and C in this manner following bead circles and bead numbers, and keeping an eye on thread colours and bead colours.

At circle D be sure to add beads only on the blue thread, then cross over at bead 12. Follow the pattern up to circle G.

For circle H, again be aware of the beads only on the one thread, and crossover on bead 23. This starts the next row of the pattern.

At circle I watch the numbers and the threads, the red thread needs to go back in to a bead that you added before.

Continue in this manner for the rest of this diagram, pulling tight regularly.

You will notice the beading will want to curve a bit, allow this curve to come outwards towards the front. It should look a lot like the actual diagram.


You will now be working the top of the heart. The darkened beads means they’re already in there, and just need to be threaded through again.

Both threads will be coming out of bead 37, all that’s needed here is to add 3 blue beads to the blue thread, and cross over the last bead with the red thread.

Circle B needs the blue thread to go into the very first pink bead that you started the beading with in the front section (darkened), and just one pink bead is needed to crossover.

Continue in this way picking up beads from the front section whenever a shaded bead is shown.
Circle D needs 2 beads picked up from the front section.

Circle G is the turnover circle, where only the one thread has beads added.

Continue with the next row. Pulling tight regularly.

The piece should pull together at the top, so that you should now have a backless three dimensional heart shape.


You now need to turn the piece over to work the back.

All the outer beads are already here, and need to be picked up for every bead circle, except the last one.

Both threads will be coming out of bead 52. Bead circle A has pink beads only on the red thread.

Continue working along the edge, picking up beads from the previous sections and following bead circle letters, and bead numbers, and colours of beads and threads.

Circles D and K pick up beads previously added in this section, as well as previous sections (so watch the numbers).

Circle L doesn’t pick up any new beads at all, it just picks up the beads added earlier to form this last bead circle.

You can thread an extra bead in each middle section of the filled in colour. If you use the same size bead, it will stand out higher, as in the photo. You can also use a smaller size bead for a subtler effect.

You can also make this with bicones, or any other size beads.

Created by Jenny Lawson

For any questions, email me at: craftcove@gmail.com

More tutorials can be found at: Jewellery from Craft Cove http://craftcove.blogspot.com/

Please do not distribute, lend or copy.
Do not mass produce.

Copyright 2016 Jenny Lawson

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  1. Thank you for posting this I hope to make one soon. Your directions are very clear.


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