Thursday, June 25, 2009

Victorian Beading OR French Beading!!

Victorian Beaded Lily
Victorian Beaded lily

French beaded lily
French beaded lily

Victorian beaded flower
Victorian beading

French beading
French beaded flower

I thought I would show the difference between French Beading and Victorian Beading.

I always thought they were the same thing, but I've since discovered I was wrong.

I made similar flowers using the 2 different methods to show the difference. I'll probably make some tutorials soon.

Victorian beaded flower
Victorian Beading is made similar to ladder stitch and has similarities to Right Angle Weave. Is is made with horizontal lines of beads and both ends of the wire go through the whole row. There are more or less beads added to each row, to create the shape of the petal. This method can also be used to make the 3D animals that I showed in a previous post. They were made by every alternate row being behind the other, in a zigzag pattern to create the back and front.

Victorian beaded rose

Victorian beaded rosebud

 Victorian beaded daffodil

Victorian Beading is also know as English or Continental Beading.
Victorian beaded flower

French Beading is done with rows of beads that are twisted onto a separate section of wire at the top, then the row of beads is passed down the other side, and to another section at the bottom, where it is twisted around again and then goes back to the top. This is shown in the lillium flower.

Another way of doing it is to twist a long row of beads together at the ends, shown in the rounded petal flowers.

French beaded rose
French beaded rosebud
French beaded flower

With French Beading all the beads are thread onto the wire before beginning, and the wire is left on the spool and not cut till the end.
French beaded flower

French beaded fuchsia

I can't decide which looks better.

What do you think??


  1. For your examples, they both look good. :)

  2. I love them both!! Not quite sure what the difference is. Will have to wait for your tutorial.

  3. the french ones look better, they're harder to make


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