Monday, July 13, 2009

Care of Beaded Flowers

I just thought I'd mention a bit about the making and care of beaded flowers

3d beaded anemone

Beaded flowers are often made with either the French Beaded method OR the Victorian Beaded Method.

Both of these methods require hundreds, and sometimes thousands, of tiny seed beads that are threaded onto wire.

They are then bent, twisted, and shaped into the individual parts of the flower. Then the parts are joined together and the stems taped with floral tape to create all sorts of different flowers.

Victorian beaded rose

To clean your beaded flowers:

The simplest and safest ways are a feather duster or compressed air.

If the flowers need more than that, you can use a damp cloth to lightly rub the beads.

If they need a more serious clean, you can dip the flower heads in warm soapy water, then rinse thoroughly. Every bit of moisture must be removed with a hair dyer on the lowest setting, or dried thoroughly in fresh air. Even a tiny bit of moisture left can cause it to rust.

With reasonable care your flowers should last a VERY long time, although some of the colours may fade with time.

beaded daisy

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  1. Your tutorial on making paper flowers look awesome. I will definitely give it a try as paper flowers look awesome on your blog.

  2. Thanks, but they're not paper flowers, they're beaded!

  3. Thats an interesting post. It was worth visiting your blog and I have bookmarked your blog. Hope to visit again.


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