Monday, November 16, 2009

Latest Beaded Wedding Bouquet

beaded wedding bouquet

This is the arrangement I came up with after making beaded flowers for a customer to add to her wedding bouquet. In the end she used all of my beaded flowers and some other crystals and things. It was an amazing arrangement, and I'll post a blog about that another time.

beaded wedding bouquet

I've used almost all the same flowers and stems I made for her arrangement, and there are nearly 60 stems all up in this arrangement. I've used tulle in the arrangement, for the collar, and for the handle. I've then done a clever wrapping technique with satin ribbon around the handle.

wedding bouquet handle

This bouquet is available to buy from my website: Flower Cove

Custom orders are also available


  1. Awesome!Its more beautiful than the natural flowers bouquet...

  2. Thanks everyone, I really appreciate the kind comments.

    The beauty of beaded flowers is that they can last a very long time as well. You could probably hand this down to your daughter or even granddaughter.

  3. I like it! Make another huge one, with the beads cascading down. Very creative!

  4. Thankyou Kris, A cascading one is a great idea.


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