Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Coral Fringe Necklace

coral fringe necklace

I just finished a fringe necklace made with the coralling technique. Usually I would string the length of beads for each fringe, then work back upwards for each branch, but this time I did it the opposite way. I worked each branch as I went down the fringe. I think it gave it a more interesting jagged look, as opposed to a smoother look to the fringe.

fringe necklace

I used black seed beads for the majority of it, with gold seed beads at the ends of each branch. Glass chips in a amberish color were scattered throughout. I added 2 beaded clasps that can be exchanged for more or less length, with a single loop on the other end.

I also made some matching earrings, you can see the jagged fringe more in this image of the earrings.
coral fringe earrings

If you're a beader and you've done coralled fringes, which way do you prefer to bead it?

Which way do you think looks better? (I don't have an image of the other method at the moment)

These are available to buy from my website.


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