Monday, July 26, 2010

Wedding jewellery

I'm not a very social person, so when I received an invitation for a wedding, I had absolutely nothing to wear!  Finally I found a nice black dress with a tiny black jacket over it.  The jacket has a lovely sequin trim, so I found a small clutch bag with sequin trim as well.

Of course even though my business is in selling jewellery, I don't actually wear jewellery very much.  I'm usually at home crafting, gardening, parenting, housework and looking after pets, this stuff just doesn't lend itself to jewellery.  So I decided to make something new for the jewellery.  It took a lot of thought, but I finally decided on a beaded bead necklace with a chain.  The beaded bead being all white and silver, with crystals, pearls and seed beads, to offset all the black.  Then I decided a tassel of chain would also look nice hanging off the bottom.  Here's how it looked.

Beaded Bead

My next issue was the earrings.  I thought it would be great to make earrings to match, but the same beaded bead would be a bit big for the earrings.  I tried using less beads and using small beads and a couple of variations until I came up with a design I liked.  I put the same tassels on the bottom, and used the same colours.  I was quite happy with the design, it's wuite a bit narrower, but about the same length as the pendant.

wedding jewellery

Of course I could have made a new dress as well, but since I'll probably never even wear this dress again, it wasn't worth the time and expense.  It's much more costly to make your own.

wedding set

While I was at the wedding I saw another guest with the most beautiful crocheted handbag.  I thought "why didn't I think of that?"  I could have incorporated some beading into the crocheting as well, and I love crocheting!


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