Saturday, August 14, 2010

New Look Web sites

I've been busy making changes to both Craft Cove and Flower Cove.  I'm changing every page over to photo gallery elements.  This will take me a while to do.  But once it's done it will make it a bit quicker for me to list things.  The way it is now, I have to individually add heaps of elements for each and every item, then fill each one individually.  This new method means I just add the images of the jewellery then add the descriptions.

It will also be easier to see all the handcrafted items, there won't be so much scrolling down the page to see everything.  They're small thumbnail images at first, but you can hover or click on an image to see the item larger and the information about it.

I will no longer list when an item is sold, because I can always make a new one from scratch anyway.  So I will let you know if it's sold when you add you're order, so you can either have a custom one made, or choose another item.

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