Saturday, October 9, 2010

Bugle Bead Earring Tutorial

The latest tutorial is for these bugle bead earrings

AUD $3.00 


You will receive the patterns digitally by kiqlo, in a pdf file.  PDF files can easily be opened with a free program easily downlaoded from adobe, get it here.

Payment can be made by clicking the "buy" button, and paying through Paypal.


  1. Hi Jenny, I've finally got around to making a blog for Personally Personalised, where I'll be skiting about everyone's work. It's still in the infancy stage though.

  2. Do you realize that you are selling a pattern that is offered for free on a foreign site? True, the directions are gibberish even when put through google translate, but there are many detailed photos offered, of each step, and they are quite clear--should be easy enough for even a fairly new beader. Did you get permission to earn money from the other person's free tutorial?

  3. @Allie. I am not aware of this pattern being available for free anywhere else.

    Beaded beads are quite common, and the peyote stitch and right angle weave are both very well known.

    This pattern was entirely my own creation, I haven't even seen a pattern for it elsewhere.

    I also help manage and moderate at, where we have many free patterns available, yet we constantly see the same items with paid patterns on other sites.

    Bead-weaving has been around for hundreds of years, I don't think anyone would know who invented a pattern first.

  4. Jenny,

    I'm sorry, I did sound more snippy than I intended -- I think I felt kind of proprietary of the pattern myself, since I had just "discovered" it! Now that I look, I see that it is somewhat different. But there is a picture of the beaded beads being used in a bracelet, so people who make your earrings might be interested in another use for your pattern.

    Also, you provide service of providing directions in English! I struggled along with just the photos.

    Anyhow, here is the link: The bracelet at the top is quite lovely and would go very well with your earrings!

    There are also tons more patterns at the home page: . You do have to click through the list randomly until you find a pattern that you like, but when you do, there is generally a good set of photos that you can try to follow, or make your own way.

    BTW, I've tried Google Translate on this site and it has not worked very well -- does anybody have another suggestion for translating what I think must be Hungarian?

    Anyhow, apologies again Jenny, and you're absolutely right -- after all, I've got your site bookmarked for a reason. As with many beaders, I'm always on the lookout for "new" (to me) ideas.

  5. That's alright Allie, I see what you mean.

    The long beads are similar. Mine also has a round beaded bead as well, and I also give directions for the fancy eye pins.


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