Sunday, March 20, 2011

Which image type?

I wonder if any of you readers could help?

 I decided I need to re-photo some of my older images.  I plan on having a few different images for each item, but I can't decide if I should combine them all into one image, or keep them separate.

What do you think?

these three separately?

          or this one on it's own?

 These three separately?

Or this one on it's own?


  1. I tend to prefer it image per picture. To do more than one clutters things up and to me, makes the seller look desperate!

  2. Thanks Lisa. I've asked this question several places. Your the first to like the traditional style. Six others liked the collage type.

    I like your reasons though.

  3. Hi, I like it with three different photos rather than one photo of all types. Hope this helps!


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