Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Art Theft

There are some things that are just wrong! Stealing other peoples images of their work as your own is one of them. This web site: http://www.cakechooser.com/ was using an image of my own 3d beaded cake.

I don't even understand what it had to do with what they were making.  They seem to decorate cakes, I guess.

I contacted them a week ago, explaining that it was my image, and it was illegal to use it without my permission.  I heard nothing back, and the image was still there.  After a week I contacted their ISP.  It is now gone.

But looking at the other images, they all link to an image editing program.  So I thought probably none of these images are their own.  Looking around at images on Google, I found they were definitely stolen.

I have contacted 3 websites about their stolen images.

What sort of person can do something like this?

To use the image for your own personal use, or to show what other people can do is one thing, but to show it as your own work for monetary gain, is so wrong!


  1. As you said, "They seem to decorate cakes" so how could they possibly be using your photo for monetary gain? I can totally see you being upset if they were using your photo to sell beading products, projects, patterns etc. But in this case I think you may have over reacted a bit. Your project was a slice of cake. They sell cake. It was nothing more than a cute picture to adorn their page. You didn't loose anything because of it and they didn't gain from it. If anything someone may have seen your cake and searched to find the pattern and you would have gained a customer from it. But other than a cute picture on their page how could they have gained anything from this.

    1. You're right about my image. But there are other peoples cake images that have been stolen.


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