Thursday, April 9, 2009

Freeform Madness

freeform bracelet

I'm giving the spirals a rest for a while. The cellini and Dutch spirals are both being made into necklaces so they take a little while to do. I find it helpful to take a break from work that takes too long, if I don't have a timetable for it, then I can come back to it fresh, or just do little bits as it takes my fancy.

I finished the other spiral rope which is really an embellished right angle weave. I wasn't too happy with it, so I gave it to my daughter, and tried different beads. More on this next time.

I've never done any freeform work before, so I thought I'd give this a go. It was a bit scary at first, the base was a bit crooked, but they say it's supposed to! Then I wasn't sure if everything should sit flat against the base. And I wasn't sure what to put where, or how to do it.

freeform beading

I started putting the bigger beads on, then gradually added some bridges, and I wasn't really sure this was going to work, it didn't look so good. I thought I'd just keep going, I added more beads, more bridges, then I was on a roll. All of a sudden it was taking shape. I added more of this and that. By now I loved doing it and I kept thinking of more interesting things to do with it. And believe it or not, I actually loved the look of it! Bummer! I promised my daughter she could have it, when I wasn't so sure how good it would look.

Anyway, I've nearly finished it. So I'll take a photo to post before she has it. But I'll definitely make some more. I'll post the photos of it next time.

freeform beading


  1. Love to see some photos of this it sounds great

  2. yes this post looks fade without the pics.

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  3. Wow, that’s quite a unique necklace; very colorful. It’s got all sorts of beads, disc and fancy bridges. That’s certainly gonna attract a few eyeballs. Pearl jewellery is my favorite, and some of the nice and shiny pearls would fit nicely into some of your future creations.
    Getting back to your freedom bracelet, if I may be just allowed to imagine, those three huge pink colored beads look the eyes and nose of a marine creature and those bridges its tentacles. Pardon my imagination :)


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