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Friday, April 24, 2009

Free Star Tutorial

Here is the first of the tutorials.


Materials: 4mm crystals, or other beads
Size 10/0 seed beads
Stopper bead, any color, will be removed later.
Fine fishing line, approximately 80cm
Beading needle, or other fine needle

1. Thread the fishing line onto the needle

2. Tie on a stopper bead. A stopper bead is a bead the same size or smaller than the smallest bead you are using. String through it twice to hold it in place.

3. Add 6 seed beads, 1 crystal and 1 seed bead.

4. Go back through the crystal, and pull tight.

5. String on another 6 seed beads, a crystal, and this time 4 seed beads.

6. Go back through the first seed bead you strung on, through the same way you came from originally. Then back through the crystal.

7. Continue in this manner, adding 6 seed beads between each section, crystals next to each end, and ends alternating between a single seed bead, and a 4 seed bead circle.

8. This should form a zigzag pattern with the 4 bead circles on one end, and the single beads on the other, as in the diagram.

9. Stop when you have 6 of each types of ends. 12 points all together.

10. The thread should now be coming out of the crystal, in readiness for the 6 seed bead centre. Now instead of starting a new 6 bead section, just string back through the first section, all the way through the first 6 seed beads, the crystal, and the end seed bead.

11. You should now have a rough circle. String through the next single seed bead, at the next point, then the next. Continue through them all. Then go through them all again.

12. Tie off, and thread through a few beads. Remove stopper bead, tie, and thread through a few beads.

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Created by Jenny Lawson

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  1. Hi Jenny!

    These are great. I love crocheting as well and have never tried beading or jewellery work. Might be time to give it a go :) Is great to see an Aussie around, I am from Perth but have been living in the UK for 3 years. Great to meet you!



  2. It's great to meet you too. I'm glad you like this, it's a nice easy one to introduce you to beading.

  3. What a wonderful tutorial! I have been drawn to beading and this is just the thing to get going on! Thank you.

  4. I'm glad you like it

    This would definitely be a good one for a beginner.

    There's more on my website, which will gradually be moved here. And of course there's more new ones to come.

  5. Cool tutorial for creating a pretty star. I have one of these on my Christmas tree each year. A friend made it for me years ago and I just love it. TFS!

  6. I'm just a couple of months into jewelry making and one of my best discoveries is the generosity of the community. Thank you for this lovely instructional!

  7. You're very welcome. Let me know if you have any problems

  8. This is a wonderful star tutorial! Thanks for sharing. I will link in an upcoming post so others can come visit! Pearl

  9. Thanks Beading Gem, you're blog is always full of such wonderful things.

  10. Hello! I just wanted you to know I used this tutorial when I was working at a school for vulnerable women learning new trades (in this class: beadwork!) in Ghana this past fall. They really enjoyed it.


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