Sunday, January 30, 2011



Paper quilling is now available.  This is just a few of the samples currently available. Even more styles will be coming soon.


Quilling is made entirely with paper.  Thin strips of paper are curled and shaped, then made into a design.

Being made of paper makes them very light and delicate looking, but they are actually very strong.  All of my jewellery is coated several times to give them a little bit of shine, and to make them even stronger.



  1. This is a great idea! When I first started "crafting," -- before I discovered beading, which quickly took over my time -- I did a lot of work with fiber & paper media. I never would've thought to make jewelry out of quilled designs.

    I wonder if you could make them last longer by spraying them with Krylon or something like that. Do you have any techniques for not getting them "smooshed"? For clumsy people like me! Or somebody (also like me) who might step into the shower, having forgotten that they are wearing fine handmade jewelry!

    No, I don't really think the quilled designs would withstand a shower, but I bet there's something out there that would help them last longer.

  2. I know there are a few sprays you can use. But I don't like them because they give the quilling a very plasticy look, and others make it turn yellow. I have heard of another spray that works well.

    But I just paint them, by dabbing the brush downwards with watered down PVA glue. I give heaps of very light coats of it several times on each side.

  3. Wow! You really did such a great job with your Paper quilled earrings. Its very unique and i love the idea of using papers because its eco-friendly too. You make a very wonderful earrings out of recyclable materials. You are very creative.

  4. Wow, it's really a brilliant work of art and you are cheering up everyone with your great works.I love your works which is simply awesome.Lovely earrings which are too creative.

  5. Thanks so much Katrina and Mothers jewelry box.

  6. Beautiful paper quilled earrings.I love those earrings which just provide a grand look with modern dresses.Great fashion earrings.

  7. These quelled earrings are very creative to look at. This is really wonderful for room decorations especially if it is colorful but I am not sure if it will stay longer on my ears if I'm gonna use it.

  8. They stay on your ears very well, I don't understand why you would think they don't. They're made with normal earring hooks.

  9. Where can we buy PVA glue? Could you please tell the brand to be used for this quilled jewelry?as you mentioned water down means how to do that?how many coats are necessary in total? Only PVA glue s enough or anything is used for giving shining?

    1. Polyvinyl acetate is a component of a widely used glue type, commonly referred to as wood glue, white glue, carpenter's glue, school glue, Elmer's glue (in the US), or PVA glue.

      Just use any brand. I watered it down to half and half


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