Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Hexes Against Bullies

A couple of weeks ago I heard a terrible thing in the news.

An Australian girl committed suicide due to relentless online bullying.

I was shocked and horrified. So sad.


Sticks and stones can break my bones
But names can never hurt me

This is so not true. I've always known this personally. Words CAN hurt!  And VERY much

Then I was asked to join a facebook group of crocheters to create a hexagon, and have it joined to many other people's hexagons to create a lovely blanket to give to their family.

I thought it was such a lovely gesture. I was honoured to help

Then there was another story that shocked me to the core.

A teenage girl was assaulted viciously, she was tortured for 2 and a half hours while it was filmed.


This affected me so much because, while I know what it's like to be bullied, it was never physical.

This beaten girl was disabled. I know many disabled people, and used to work with them

This happened at Moe, a town in Victoria, Australia. The same town where I grew up

The girls doing the attack were 12 and 15!

I know these things have been happening since time began. But usually they happen when no-one else is around, and we don't get to see it.  We see the poor kid who was beaten up at school, he is black and blue with bruises. And we think, "poor boy, that is terrible"  Or they get told "Just ignore them"

This time it was there for us to see. And it was awful!

I decided I wanted to do something.

I decided I would also create a facebook group, where many people would come together and make hexagons. The hexagons would then be sent to me, where I would join them together into the blanket. Hexagons are a great shape to join together. And so much nicer than squares

The group started as Crochet for Kim. Then we made another blanket, with squares, for her sister. After that we decided to keep the group open to all crafters. It's now called Crochet and Crafts

Then I decided I may as well create the pattern for it too.

Of course I get carried away with patterns, and made it pretty fancy. So I decided I need to make an easier version too.

This worked perfectly. It would balance the fancy version, and the beginners can make it easily

And then I think I better create a chart too, for the visual learners. I find these tricky, but I did it. Then for lots of photos.

I have never created a pattern so quickly before. And I have never organised anything like this before.

A little overwhelming, but I have got a few helpers now. So far, so good

I can't wait to see it finished and Kim snuggled up in it. I hope it gives her comfort

Finally she received the blanket, and loved it

You can find the patterns here

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